• Condi Rice Spits In The Face Of The American People

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    Apr 26

    Hill Subpoenas Approved for Rice, Other Bush Officials – washingtonpost.com
    Rice, in Oslo for a meeting with NATO foreign ministers, said on Thursday she was not inclined to appear before the committee, saying her advice to the president as National Security Adviser was privileged, the Associated Press reported. She said that she had answered many of the same questions in her confirmation hearings for secretary of state, and said she would respond to this round of inquiry in writing — but not in person.

    Excuse me? Just who the fuck does she think pays her salary? Hint: It’s not George W. Bush. It’s you and I, friends, and if my representatives in Congress want her to come in and answer some questions in person, then I think that’s exactly what she ought to do. I don’t care how many times she thinks she’s already answered these questions. She works for us — or, at least, she’s supposed to.

    See? This is just more of the same kind of crap we’ve been getting from Alberto Gonzales — this “I’m not answerable to you people” bullshit. Well, I’ve got news for both of them. Yes they are too answerable to us (that is, to our representatives in Congress) and our Constitution was written specifically to ensure that. Yes, yes… I know there’s a level of privilege granted for communications between these people and the President — but not when there’s evidence of malfeasance. And there’s plenty of that.

    God, these people piss me off.

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  1. The hubris! The chutzpah! These Bush people and their flouting of our law must end now! Any normal person has to answer a subpoena. It does not matter how many times they have answered the questions. It does not matter if they think they are right or not. It does not matter if they plan to claim their 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination and not answer — they must go and say that to each question posed.

    The Bush Administration and their ilk seem to think they are somehow above the law, better than the rest of us.

    Piss me off? Exactly, Rebecca. And piss on them.

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