• New Year — New Blog

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    Jan 1

    I’ve been giving some serious debate to simply not even bothering with trying to import or otherwise link to the previous 3 1/2 years worth of entries from the old blog. What do you think? Worth it? Not worth it? I do have some regular readers who actually stop by to see what’s new with me, but… at least half of the people who visit RebeccaHartong.net are very likely one-timers. Certainly, I’m glad to be a source of information for them on…whatever…but I’m also a firm believer that a person ought not allow themselves to be defined so much by what they’ve done.

    That’s who I was. THIS is who I am — right now.

    It will probably turn out that the two are pretty much identical.

    Either way, at the dawning of this new year I’m feeling like it’s a good time to cut the old stuff loose and start fresh.

    For those of you who’ve subscribed to my RSS feed, I believe you’ll need to re-subscribe with a new URL. My site’s being hosted on .Mac now.


    Update 1/11/08: No you won’t have to change anything. I’ve switched back to Godaddy as my host — for a bunch of reasons I’ll explain later. Maybe.

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