• Their Best and Brightest

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    Nov 10

    The Michigan debate: One candidate falls, one runs away with it – Right Turn – The Washington Post.

    Ai yi yi.

    Perry can’t remember what he’s going to do if he becomes president.

    Cain continues to refer to the sexual harassment complaints against him as “unfounded” character assassination when it’s a matter of public record that the National Restaurant Association paid out millions of dollars to settle two complaints severals years ago before he even became a candidate. (Apparently, the NRA found the complaints believable enough.) And besides all that, what on earth qualifies a former pizza king with no real political experience to run the country.

    Michele Bachmann is just crazy. (And creepy…really creepy. Like she lures children into her little candy house in the forest and then eats them.)

    Most of the other Republican candidates are so ignored by the press that god only knows what their qualifications and policy positions are.

    The only Republican whom I would consider capable of perhaps being a reasonable president is Mitt Romney — and he’s the one the Republicans don’t want because he’s “too liberal”.

    This is the best they can do? There was a time (before Reagan, incidentally) when I might have considered myself “Republican-esque” in my political thinking. No more. The party’s been taken over by freaks.

4 Responses to “Their Best and Brightest”

  1. Mark Crawford said on

    What about Huntsman?

  2. Who???

    Just kidding. Honestly, I hear so little about him I have no idea what he thinks about anything. You think he’s a reasonable choice?

  3. Huntsman is the most reasonable of the candidates but doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hades in todays republican party. Romney to me comes across as a nebbish-nice man but holds to no one position strongly except maybe cutting taxes for big corp and the very wealthy. Perry and Bachman and Cain you have described aptly.

  4. Mark Crawford said on

    Barb is right about Huntsman. And no, I don’t think he is a reasonable choice because he is running in a party that has a philosophy that is antithetical to my beliefs and offensive to my very core. Indeed, I would suggest that it is only the radically absurd and dangerous positions of the other candidates that makes him look reasonable.

    Frankly, I cannot understand how even a Hunstman can run in the party and I wonder what his inability to gain even 5% support will mean to the party once the primary is over.


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